RHD Ministries' Emergency Relief
Earthquake Devasted Haiti

How Your Gift Makes a Difference


Your monetary donation to the Redemption Ministries helps provide food, shelter, relief supplies, emotional support, recovery planning and other assistance during disasters. 

When you donate money, you're with us as we fight homelessness here in the US, and respond to disasters each year. 

You were with us as we responded to the needs of vulnerable families fleeing the Haiti January 12, 2010 earthquake. When you donate money to the Redemption ministries you'll be there as we hold 100 food drives each month, collecting , tents, wheel chairs, walkers, canes, wound care kits, medications, and personal hygiene kits. And as we provide services to the needy, the underprivileged, and victims of disasters here and abroad each year. 

RHD Ministries provides critical services to people who don't know where to turn after a disaster, a trauma, a terrible disease, an eviction, or a foreclosure, who require rescue, or who need help from our nation after sacrificing so much on our behalf. We don't turn away people who need assistance; we are committed to bringing help and hope to all those in need. All of this is possible because of individuals like you who donate money to the Redemption Ministries.

Your support makes it possible. 


Other Ways You Can Help

We know a monetary donation is not always possible. Here are other ways you can join our mission


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